Daniel T. Varkonyi

Name:     Dániel T. Várkonyi
Position: Assistant research fellow
Room:     7.25
E-mail:    varkonyid (at) inf (dot) elte (dot) hu mailLinks:      mtmt    googlescholar    rg    Linkedin

Short biography

Dániel T. Várkonyi is an assistant research fellow at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), at the Data Science and Engineering Department. He graduated in computer science in 2008 and in economics in 2012. He had been working in several IT- companies as a BI consultant for 10+ years in the roles of developer, system designer, and project coordinator. He’s primarily interested in data mining and machine learning with special focus on biomedical and industrial applications.

Research interests: Data Mining in Healthcare, Data Mining of Audio Streams, Machine Learning.

Publications @ELTE:

T. Paul, T. Dániel Várkonyi: “Comparison of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques on Audio Signals”. In: Martin, Holeňa; Tomáš, Horváth; Alica, Kelemenová; František, Mráz; Dana, Pardubská; Martin, Plátek; Petr, Sosík (ed.) Proceedings of the 20th Conference Information Technologies – Applications and Theory (ITAT 2020) CEUR Workshop Proceedings, (2020) pp. 161-168. (link to the article)

T. Dániel Várkonyi,  K. Buza: “Extreme Learning Machines with Regularization for the Classification of Gene Expression Data”. In: Petra, Barančíková; Martin, Holeňa; Tomáš, Horváth; Matúš, Pleva; Rudolf, Rosa (eds.) Proceedings of the 19th Conference Information Technologies – Applications and Theory (ITAT 2019) Dóval, Czechoslovakia: CEUR Workshop Proceedings, (2019) pp.99-103. (link to the article)



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