BlaBoO – A Lightweight Black Box Optimizer Framework


 Project name: BlaBoO – A Lightweight Black Box Optimizer Framework
 Licence: Apache License Version 2.0
 Webpage: GitHub
 Related Publications: (submitted, under review)
 Involved members: Péter Kiss
Dávid Fonyó
Tomás Horváth
Short description: BlaBoO is  an open source software initiative, that aims to help find optimal solution for the widest possible range of optimization problems such as, amongst others, hyper-parameter tuning of machine learning algorithms.
The software is able to optimize the parameters of any black-box function runnable in command line, provides GUI as well as batch mode processing, is easy to extend by new optimization algorithms.
BlaBoO is intended for managing black-box optimization experiments and education. Its features make it a valuable tool for (not only beginner) machine learning practitioners, students and teachers as well.


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